Shana Haines – Education

Shana Haines- Assistant Professor in the College of Education and Social Services at University of Vermont

Professor Hanes specializes in understanding and improving the experience of refugee families and their relationships with educators. Professor Hanes is currently practicing this in the Burlington and Winooski school systems through community based participatory action research. This project is being constructed through a series of interviews and panels with refugee families with the assistance of interpreters in an exploratory nature.

When asked about how she got into qualitative research Professor Hanes responded with: “I took a statistics class in my PhD program, but there was this whole class on cleaning data and deleting outliers…but I was like why are we deleting the outliers? I want to study the outliers, to circle them, and figure out why they’re outliers and whats going on with them… thats what compels me, thats what makes me want to do qualitative research”