Campus Resources

1. Join UVM’s Qualitative Research Listserv: 

2. Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS): NVivo

UVM has recently acquired a license for NVivo, which is available on the Software Download site. If that doesn’t work, try these direct links:

Here are some training resources for NVivo:

  • For self-paced online training try the NVivo tutorials. All UVM faculty and staff have access to Lynda here: Then you can search for and navigate to the NVivo tutorials, which range from 1-12 minutes long and include transcripts for those of us who like a text to refer to. It’s really an incredible resource!
  • Access tutorials on QSR’s NVivo YouTube channel, which is here:  Again, you can pick and choose which functions to learn about as needed.

3. Transcription:

There are several transcription tools available free online. Here’s a helpful review of many of them. Also, many UVM users have had success with Descript.

The fantasy of automated speech-to-text gets closer to reality all the time. Here is a review of some tools that create text from dictation. Note that they generally require you to ‘train’ the software with your own voice so they are not capable of transcribing multiple voices or conversations.

4. Equipment:

UVM’s Multimedia Resources and Services has many items available to loan out, including cameras, digital recorders, A/V equipment, microphones, MP3 players, light kits, etc. to the UVM campus community and they provide technical assistance and instruction on the use of media equipment.

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