Kathy Fox – Sociology

Kathy Fox, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences


Professor Kathy Fox specializes in social control and punishment through qualitative research methods. Her main area of focus includes marginalized populations, specifically previously incarcerated individuals. In the Burlington area, Professor Fox has been involved with and researched the Department of Corrections program, Circles of Support & Accountability (COSA), which focuses on building support systems for offenders during reintegration. For her research, Professor Fox conducts observational research and in-depth interviews to better understand how previously incarcerated community members feel during their re-entry period and what makes reintegration more successful in some cases and fail in others based on societal norms and mechanisms.

“…I would look at somebody else’s data about whether it works or not…but I would want to know how it works, why it works, when it works, you know, and I don’t think you can get to that quantitatively, so it is mostly just the questions that I am interested in…”

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Link to Circles of Support & Accountability (COSA).