Kelly Clark/Keefe – Leadership & Devt Sci

Kelly Clark/Keefe – Leadership & Developmental Sciences

Associate Professor in the College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont.

“I was fascinated by the possibility of keeping things a lot more messy and exploring that mess and seeing what about that complexity was worth spending a lot more time going deeply into.” 

Professor Kelly Clark/Keefe is currently working on multiple research projects.  In one of her projects, she is one of three editors on a book which focuses on displacement stories. The project aims to complicate and expand stories of displacement  beyond what is often reported in mainstream media, doing so by creating opportunities for people who have been displaced to tell their own stories in partnership with narrative researchers. Professor Kelly Clarke/Keefe describes herself as an arts- based qualitative researcher and often uses art making such as painting and drawing either by herself or collaboratively, to assist her analysis process. She has been exploring and writing about other creative, embodied approaches to doing inquiry, including utilizing movement and other somatic sources of information to examine and describe social experience, often in in educational contexts. Due to these methods being quite unique Kelly Clark/Keefe acknowledges always being on the look-out for ‘thinking partners’ across disciplinary boundaries at UVM and beyond

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