Rachel Schattman – Forest Service/Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Rachel Schattman- USDA Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Rachel is a USDA Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Northeast Climate Hub and an associate with UVM Extension Vegetable and Berry Program.

Upcoming research: Rachel is beginning a qualitative research study in the fall where she will interview farmers, foresters, and people who manage forested land in the Northeast  in order to learn about their perspectives on climate change and their management strategies, as well as their preferred learning methods. She will use semi-structured focus groups, a constant comparison, multi-coder approach, as well as interview techniques.

When asked about the benefits and strengths of qualitative research, Rachel responded: “… it’s something you can’t get anywhere else is description, depth and complexity… it doesn’t shy away from nuance, it doesn’t try to flatten things out, and it’s a rigorous analytical process. I think it leads you to really interesting and exciting places.”

Website: : http://www.rschattman.com/

Contact: rachel.schattman@uvm.edu or rachel.e.schattman@usda.gov