Jonah Steinberg – Anthropology

Jonah Steinberg is an associate professor of the department of anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Vermont.

In his latest research project, professor Steinberg is investigating ‘shadow-space,’ a project concerned with interactions in and between space with Roma people and other extant minorities across Europe. Qualitative research is central to professor Steinberg’s project; His ethnographic study is achieved with participant observation and interviews and supplemented with language learning, photography elicitation, and archival materials. Steinberg characterizes his research as an observation of society’s extreme edges; people who are subject to radical marginality. For ‘shadow-space,’ he is looking at instances of expulsion and eviction as indicators of marginality.

I look at radical marginality; people who are on the edge of things, who are on the periphery. They are outside the usual frameworks of marginality that we think of.

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