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Katie Huggett Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Medical Education

Director of the Teaching Academy

Professor of Medicine and Pathology

Katie Huggett is the assistant Dean for Medical Education in the Larner College of Medicine and also serves as the Director of the Teaching Academy which is an organization for faculty development, evaluation of courses and courtships and medical students. It also provides faculty development to support educational research and scholarship. Moreover, they deal with everything, from study design to helping faculty interpret research results, creating posters and presentations.                                                     Dr. Huggett has multiple qualitative research projects open but it currently working on a study to find out how medical residents spend evening time. She and her team wondered about the productivity levels and the opportunities for learning during that time of day, by looking at narrative comments and qualitative data.

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Website: http://www.med.uvm.edu/teachingacademy

Contact: kathryn.Huggett@med.uvm.edu