Jackie Weinstock – Leadership & Devt Sci/GSWS

Jackie Weinstock, PhD

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies Program, College of Education and Social Services

Affiliated faculty member in the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences


“If you want to study how people think, you have to get them to think- and with that approach it seemed like you need a qualitative method” – Jackie Weinstock

One of Professor Jackie Weinstock’s recent projects has been working with Wake Robin, a life care community in Vermont. As an expert on adult development and aging, Professor Weinstock and a colleague were brought in by Wake Robin to evaluate the community they have created. The project was based on a client-investigator relationship and assessed whether Wake Robin have met their goals of creating a resident-driven setting, where people can age in a positive, connected, and supportive environment. Professor Weinstock used multiple qualitative research methods for the project, including archival analysis, interviews and questionnaires.

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Email: Jacqueline.Weinstock@uvm.edu