Congratulations, Class of 2020!

On Sunday, May 17, the Alpha of Vermont welcomed fifty-four new members via a virtual induction ceremony. We are saving a page in the chapter book for our latest members to sign in the future. Congratulations to:

Josh Audette, Nancy Bernhardt, McKenna Black, Courtney Brady, Stephanie Brooks, Nora Canellakis, Emma Cashman, Daniel Combs, Eliza Corderman, Jessica Crooker, Azilee Curl, Elizabeth Dunford, Brigitte Durieux, Elizabeth Dybas, Aidan Fenstermacher, Alison Forman-Katz, Natalie Fuchs, Chris Gish, Jason Goldfarb, Emily Heon, Cora Honigford, Carina Isbell, Kyle King, Juliana Landis, Kacy Lane, Isabel Lardner, Gigi Lavigne, Caitlin McHugh, Annika Meurs, Catie Michael, Owen Molind, Lydia Moreman, Erin Murphy, Georgia Nelson, Rachel Ocher, Allie Olson, Daniel Ortiz, Reilly Osadchey Brown, Nicky Paulson, Emma Plosser, Julia Plumb, Abby Postlewaite, Vivian Priestley, Delaney Reynolds; Julia Selle, Hannah Sheehy, Blair Shields, Evan Smith, Katie Thorpe, Camille Walton, Genevieve Winn, Abigail Wootton, Abby Zani, Kate Ziegler

Many thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make our first — and hopefully last — virtual ceremony possible!

Through at least June 17, 2020, you can view an edited version of the ceremony here.

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