Our Newest Members

On May 19, 2018, the Alpha of Vermont inducted 50 students, bringing the chapter’s total membership since 1848 to 4,304. Our newest members are:

Umesh Acharya, Adam Barson, Kris Bauer, David Brandt, Ceili Brown, Sonya Buglion Gluck, Kaitlyn Capprini, Gemma Cirignano, Margaret Colbert, Julie Connor, Lorraine Dang, Jenn Davidson, Veronica Davis, Natalie Dedon, Jamie Duke, Jackson Estrin, Michelle Falcone, Sarah Flaherty, Claudia Garber, Randi Garon, Isabel Handanos, Alaina Hendrickson, Michaela Hooper, Brooke Jenkins, Benjamin Kagan, Maria Koutsouris, Margaretta Kuhn, Sierra Martin, Rebecca Mirhashem, Sonny Monteiro, Alexander Murphy, Becky Nesnevich, Catie Owen, Hanbee Park, Brooke Phillips, Lauren Rayson, Jack Roberts, Lucy Rogers, Nicholas Ruede, Anthony Spinella, Emily Thibodeau, Colby Thompson, Róisín Todd, Madeline Vdoviak-Markow, Süki Wilder, Ali Wood, Julia Wood, Lisa Wood, Kel Wright, Sonia Zaccheo

Many thanks to all the family, friends, and faculty who attended the ceremony to support and congratulate these high-achieving students! And many thanks to all those who aided the chapter in reviewing transcripts and staging the ceremony.

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