Safe Tractor & Machinery Operation Programs

National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) Designed to train youth to legally operate farm tractors and powered equipment, the NSTMOP covers core content related to using tractors and machinery that can be also be adapted for adult learners. Training materials include task sheets to assist in delivering effective learning. Materials are available online, by mail or email.

  • NSTMOP Tractor Task Sheets. This 104-page module of the NSTMOP manual a comprehensive overview of the tractor, including tractor types, hazards, controls, lightning, and starting and operating a tractor. It covers concepts, skills, and suggests activities based on concepts.
  • NSTMOP Connecting and Using Implements with the Tractor. This module consists of five task sheet sections, each one focusing on a types of implements, such as drawbars, three-point hitches, PTO, and how they are connected and used with the tractor.

Organizing and Conducting A Safe Tractor Operation Workshop Guide This 17-page manual was developed to help farmers, employers and other experienced operators organize and conduct hands-on safe tractor driving workshops for employees, apprentices volunteers, and family members. Published by the Penn State University Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agricultural Safety and Health Program, 2013.