Tractor Maintenance

This UC Extension website has a handy chart on tractor equipment and  lifetime or wear-out time in hours and a section on common pitfalls in selecting equipment.

A Tractor is as good as you are.   Check your skill and knowledge level by reading these 10 Easy Ways to Mess Up a Good Tractor.

With over 9000 tractors in existence, make sure you have and read the manual for your tractor make and model.   If you don’t have the manual, check this tractor manual online resource and information about older tractors – yesterday’s tractors.

Part of University of Minnesota Ext. four-part video series on Tractors for Small Farms, this 5-minute video is about Tractor Maintenance.

Enjoy on-line discussion fora and chat rooms about old tractors and maintenance issues? If so, check out this on-line discussion page..