Program Approach

Almost every farm reaches a point where machines become a necessity for more productive and profitable work. Even very small-scale operations may find judicious use of a BCS two-wheel tractor with a tiller and mower attachment to be a great labor saver. Larger operations tend toward tractors, and the vast array of implements they can utilize to maximize productivity.

After the purchase or lease of land and buildings, machinery will likely comprise the largest capital outlay for most farms. Buying any piece of farm machinery – whether new or used – can be an exciting and scary proposition. A tractor or implement purchase can tantalize with all its possible uses. They are also complex machines that require knowledge of maintenance, operation and safety, in order to maximize their potential benefits and return on investment.

For the novice farmer (and even some with more years of experience), choosing the best machinery for their operation can be a daunting endeavor.   Cost is almost always a significant issue, but there many other issues to consider when planning to purchase machinery for the early stages of a farm operation.   Among other variables, one should consider their skill level and ability to safely operate and maintain machinery; whether it is compatible with the existing farm operation and scale; whether to buy new or used; how will the purchase be financed; and more.

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