Guides on Equipment for Beginning Farmers

Equipment and Tools For Small Scale, Intensive Crop Production by Andy Pressman, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist. This 16-page booklet focuses on equipment and tools for intensive crop production on a small-scale commercial farm. It details equipment and hand tools for soil preparation, planting, and weed management. Published by NCAT, 2011.

Leasing vs. Buying Farm Machinery, this 8-page Kansas State guide helps you evaluate the options and their financial implications over time.

This Optimal Equipment for Beginning Farmers by Richard Wiswall, farmer, consultant and author of The Organic Farmers Business Handbook shows lists of equipment for three scales of beginning farms: 1 acre or less, 1-3 acres, and 3-9+ acres.

This tractor purchasing decision-making page provides guidance on what to consider when buying a tractor, new or used.

You’ll find basic questions to ask before making a decision about a used tractor with this short Used Tractor Assessment Checklist.