Other Tractor Resources

For used tractor information, check out the Internet’s largest Tractor Data resource for over 8000 tractor models from over 200 different manufacturers.

Instructor Shane LaBrake recommends this book list. On Shane’s list, you’ll also find instructor Andy Pressman’s favorite tractor book, From Tinkering to Torquing: A Beginner’s Guide to Tractors and Tools by Robert Welsch, MBI Publishing, 2005.

Penn State Extension has extensive Ag safety education resources covering tractors, ATVs, and other farm equipment, and its National Safe Tractor & Machinery Operator Program (NSTMOP) provides information on its certified youth program for 14 & 15 year olds and guidance on requirements for instructors to teach on this program.

UVM Extension has many on-line resources for its Youth Farm Safety Program designed for young people from age 14 to 21 years.

USDA Risk Management Checklist, this 4-page list of questions about production, marketing, finance, legal, and insurance helps you determine your exposure to risks and your need for crop insurance.

Farm answers is a search library with five categories: business management, marketing, people, production, and legal where you can search through over 3000 media (written and video) including guides, courses, presentations and youtube videos to address just about any farm issue you have.