Tractor and Equipment Safety Tools & Guides

Hazard Analysis Tool (Farm-HAT) This Farm and Agriculture Hazard Analysis Tool is a method which provides first-hand information about hazards on a scale from most protective to least protective and gives recommendations on correcting hazards.

Machine Hazards are explained in 6 pages. This guide on Purdue University Extension’s website covers the hazards of shear points, pinch points, wrap points, crush points and free-wheeling parts and what can be done to avoid accidents.

Power Safety Take-off This 6-page publication by Dennis Murphy, produced by Penn State Coop Extension, explains the hazards and situations which can arise when using a PTO and the safety practices to follow to reduce risks.

Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) & Operator Instruction Requirements  This 3-page pdf publication by Dennis Murphy, produced by Penn State Cooperative Extension, defines the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) ROPS requirements and exemptions. It provides short descriptions with illustrations of the 9 operating requirements for a safe working environment.

Organizing and Conducting A Safe Tractor Operation Workshop Guide This 17-page manual was developed to help farmers, employers and other experienced operators organize and conduct hands-on safe tractor driving workshops for employees, apprentices volunteers, and family members. Published by the Penn State University Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agricultural Safety and Health Program, 2013.

National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP)  Designed to train youth to legally operate farm tractors and powered equipment, the NSTMOP is designed to consistently cover key core content related to using tractors and machinery that can be adapted for adult learners. Training materials include task sheets to assist in delivering effective. Materials are available online, by mail or email.


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