Below are three introductory webinars covering:

  • farm mechanization,
  • mechanization decision making; and
  • tractor and equipment safety.

Webinar 1: Intro to Farm Mechanization (March 18, 2015)
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This webinar explores many issues to examine before making a farm machinery purchase. These include: skill levels of  operators; scale of operation; site considerations; type of operation and relevant machinery requirements; maintenance issues; time considerations; whether to purchase new or used; and more. As the listener gains greater appreciation of machinery issues, they will be better prepared to make the most appropriate choices for their farm operation.

Webinar 2: Money Machines: Making Smart Decisions About Buying Farm Machinery.
(April 1, 2015)
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Farm machinery isn’t cheap – especially tractors. Even used equipment comes at a significant cost. This webinar will offer ideas and strategies to help beginning farmers make sound decisions. The SMART method, and other tried and proven ways to think about money and purchasing machinery will be covered. Making a “bad” farm machinery purchase can be costly in many ways.   This webinar will offer many useful ideas to help the beginning farmer make better purchase decisions.

Webinar 3: Intro to Tractor & Machinery Safety (April 15, 2015)
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Mishaps with farm machinery represent the majority of agricultural accidents in the United States. Any farm accident carries huge implications and costs to farm operations and the people who run them.   Farm machinery can be very scary – especially to the beginner – and rightly so. Sometimes, the fear of using machinery even deters farmers from using their own expensive equipment.   This webinar will introduce a wide array of factors to consider in planning for safe machinery operation on farms. By learning to properly and safely use your machinery, productivity, profitability, and well-being will rise for you and your farm staff.