Reinforcing Holiday Traditions

Family traditions during the holidays repeated year after year can be a wonderful part of the season.  These rituals small and large can take all forms including… 

  • Holiday services
  • Getting and decorating the tree
  • Preparing holiday cookies
  • Charity work
  • Special foods
  • Reading particular stories or singing carols
  • Making gifts or decorations

Of course, holiday traditions won’t by themselves heal troubled families, but they can contribute to a child’s sense of belonging and stability.  Furthermore, they can open the door to further efforts parents can do to build the amount of structure and stability into daily family life.

Many physicians around now often start off patient conversations with a quick question about the holidays.  Consider asking about family traditions, encourage the practice, and provide examples to those who need it.

From all of us at the VCCYF, Happy Holidays!

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