Multiple choice questions with blank/empty answers won’t submit

Problem: Creating a multiple choice question in the test/survey tool, leaving at least one answer empty, then clicking on the submit button will not save or submit the form.  The submit button fails silently and the form is not submitted.

Solution: Clicking the “remove” button next to any blank/unused answers will allow the form to submit normally.  There is no targeted release for this issue at this time.

Logging in with another browser tab/window during a test breaks save answer

Problem: While taking an exam, opening a new window/tab in the same browser and creating a new session will break the “Save Answer” button.   For example, if a student begins a test, then opens a new tab and goes to myUVM and clicks on the “Blackboard” link, the save answer button will show an error.

Solution: Blackboard has a bug fix which we are currently testing and are working towards deploying.  In the meantime, the following workaround will improve the testing experience.   During an exam, if multiple tabs/windows in Bb are needed (i.e. for an “open book” exam), open a different browser (i.e. FireFox to navigate your course while the test remains open in the original browser (i.e. Chrome).  If a new session has been created in the same browser, and save answer is not working, deleting the cookies and cache then logging back in will allow for resuming the exam.

Resolved: Exit, Save and Exit, Back and Next buttons not working when grading tests

This issue has been resolved. Please contact if you experience further trouble.

Problem:  When entering an assessment attempt, only the “Save and Next” button is working. All other buttons, including Exit, Save & Exit, previous student and Next student are not functional. This is happening in all browsers, and in multiple courses.

Solution:  A fix has been identified, and we are working to test, evaluate, and deploy it.  In the meantime, there are some workarounds available, such as using the browser’s back/forward buttons, and clicking on the course navigation links to get back to the grade center.

Students encounter problems saving answers on tests with large numbers of questions

Problem: On tests with large numbers of questions (i.e. more than 50), students may encounter problems saving or submitting the assessment.

Solution: Instructors delivering assessments with over 50 questions should consider delivering the questions one at a time, which can be done by editing the test options and choosing “One at a time” in the Test Presentation section.