Logging in with another browser tab/window during a test breaks save answer

Problem: While taking an exam, opening a new window/tab in the same browser and creating a new session will break the “Save Answer” button.   For example, if a student begins a test, then opens a new tab and goes to myUVM and clicks on the “Blackboard” link, the save answer button will show an error.

Solution: Blackboard has a bug fix which we are currently testing and are working towards deploying.  In the meantime, the following workaround will improve the testing experience.   During an exam, if multiple tabs/windows in Bb are needed (i.e. for an “open book” exam), open a different browser (i.e. FireFox to navigate your course while the test remains open in the original browser (i.e. Chrome).  If a new session has been created in the same browser, and save answer is not working, deleting the cookies and cache then logging back in will allow for resuming the exam.