Items not able to be re-ordered

Problem: Items in a course will appear to be re-ordered/re-arranged, but then revert to the original order when re-visiting the page. This has been reported to affect assignments, test questions, content items, and other course materials.

Solution: While we are waiting on a proper fix for this, the workaround below has been reported as successfully fixing the problem:

  1. Move one item in the list to another folder, content area, etc.
  2. Move that item back to the folder with the ordering problem.

Notifications and other information are accessible to students when inside unavailable folder

Problem:  Items that are available, but which are added to a parent folder which is unavailable, generate notifications.

Solution: This appears to be a known bug, with a targeted resolution in a future release.  In the meantime, items that should not be visible to students should be set to be unavailable.  Setting a date restriction on an item will allow it to be managed in bulk using the Date Management Tool.

Typed availability times do not save when editing items in FF/Safari

Problem:  Typing a time into the availability box on an item will result in that time from not being saved.  This is occurring in FF and Safari.

Solution:  This bug has been identified by Bb as a defect; a fix is included in the release which will be installed in December.  In the meantime, use Chrome if you need to edit times by typing in specific times.

Copy and Paste issues in Bb text editor

Problem: Copying from within the text editor, then attempting to paste back into the editor, results in text not being pasted (nothing happens).

While we are waiting on a patch for this from Bb, we have been provided with the following workaround in Firefox:

  1. Type “about:config” into the address bar. You’ll see a warning about violating warranty, please ignore that and continue.

  2. Type in “clipboardevents”.

  3. Double click the search result item to toggle value from “true” to “false”

You may need to restart your browser in order for this to take effect.