Dropped/Withdrawn students listed as “Managers” in the Discussion Board

Problem: Instructors visiting the “Manage” area of their discussion board may see students who are listed as “Managers,” yet are not in the course.  This can happen when a student enrolls in a course (however briefly), and subsequently drops or withdraws.  Despite their being listed as a manager in the discussion board, they do not have any access to the course, and they are not listed as a manager if they re-add the course.  There is currently no workaround or fix available for this issue.

Discussion forums display “Access Denied” when date restriction is set

Problem: Instructors attempting to access a discussion forum are prevented from entering, and an “Access Denied” error appears.  This happens when a date restriction is set on the forum, with the goal of making it unavailable to students.

Solution: Blackboard has identified this as a bug, and we are waiting on a solution.  There is no workaround for this, other than making the forum available temporarily while working on it.