Group Assignment Rubric Score can not be changed

Problem: After grades are entered into a group assignment rubric, the rubric scores for that attempt cannot be changed.

Solution: This has been identified by Bb as a known bug. While there is currently no fix available, the workaround for this is to override the score for the assignment, and explain the rubric/grading changes in the feedback for the assignment.

Images fail to load in test questions once the test availability window is passed

Problem: Students taking a test in which the availability window has been reached may encounter broken images in questions.

Solution: This is a known bug in Bb, for which we do not have a resolution/fix. Workarounds include removing the availability end date, or instructing students to start the test with enough time to finish before the availability window ends.

Test Options form displays improperly when setting test to show one question at a time

Problem: On some browsers/resolutions, when setting a test to display questions “One at a Time”, the form is jumbled in a way that looks like you are also prohibiting backtracking.

Solution: Use the circle-question-mark icon at the top of the page to toggle help messages to “On” for the page:

This will allow the checkbox to be displayed in the proper position.

Assignment Inline Grading Issues (RESOLVED)

Update: The vendor has rolled back the changes, and the Assignment tool should be functioning as expected.

Problem: The vendor that provides the inline grading, commenting, and annotation service to Bb has pushed out changes that affect how inline grading displays and functions. This update has included some bugs, which Bb is working with the vendor to address.

Solution: This document outlines workarounds for this issue. We are waiting on further word from Bb regarding a fix for these problems.

Error when creating matching questions with re-usable

Problem: When creating a matching question where one or more answers are re-using other answers in the matching set, an error regarding “Index” and “Size” is presented.

There is unfortunately no fix for this issue, and Blackboard has provided no timeline for a resolution. We are currently looking for workarounds to address this issue in the meantime.

Course Menu set to White Text On White Background

Problem:  Occasionally, a course’s menu colors may be set to show white text on a white background. This may happen after a course is imported from a previous term.

Solution: Course menu colors can be changed by going to Control Panel -> Customization -> Teaching Style, and setting the background color and text color, then clicking the Submit button.

Students unable to view annotations on assignments

Problem:  Some students have reported missing annotations on assignments in the Crocodoc Inline Assignment viewer.

Solution: Switching browsers has resolved the issue in some cases.  Students should follow these steps to view annotations to ensure they are clicking on the correct buttons to view assignment annotations. Please contact with browser and operating system versions if you have students reporting missing annotations.