Downloading/Viewing attempt in Grade Center produces an error

Problem: When going into the grade center and viewing or downloading an assignment attempt, users see an error message similar to “No default constructor found.”  We’ve seen this occurring when attempting to access group attempts as well as individual submissions.  Blackboard has identified this as a bug, and we are currently working to clarify patch availability.

Solution: Please contact as soon as possible if you see this error.  In the meantime, the workaround for this issue is to click the chevron next to the Column Title and download all assignment attempts.

Resolved: Error appears when attempting to add a question to an assessment.

Problem:  When attempting to add a question to an assessment, an error is presented saying “Unable to parse provided PkId string.”

Solution:  This has been resolved.  Users experiencing this issue are encouraged to contact  A workaround to this issue can be found by editing the test, then clicking on “Question Settings” to the upper right, then unchecking the “Question Metadata” box on section 3 of that page will prevent the error.

Opening a PDF shows a “missing plugin” error

Update:  This will still show an error, however users will now see a link at the top of the page that allows them to download the PDF:

Opening an embedded PDF in Firefox - click on the link at the top.

Problem: Students clicking on a PDF that has been added to a course using the File command (see image) are presented with a grey screen and an error message that refers to a “missing plugin”. This has been reported on various browsers on Apple computers, including Firefox and Safari.


Faculty: Here’s how to make sure your PDF’s are accessible to your students.

  1. Click the grey chevron drop-down menu button next to the file name and choose Edit (you must be in “edit mode” to do this).
  2. Scroll to the option to “Open in New Window” and click Yes.
  3. Submit.

Students: If you are experiencing this problem, click on the link at the top of the page to download the PDF and open it on your computer.

Resolved: Guests cannot access uploaded files (401 error)

Problem: Guests cannot access files in a course, and are prompted with a login box followed by 401 “forbidden” error after trying to access the files. This occurs for files that have been uploaded to a course after May 22nd 2011.

Solution: To make a file available to guests,

  1. Click on the grey chevron button next to the file name, and choose “Edit”.
  2. Click on “Select a Different File”. (see image)
  3. Click on “Browse Course”. (see image)
  4. Check the “Also assign Public permission to this file” box. (see image)
  5. Select the file from the list, and click on “Submit”.
  6. Click on “Submit” to complete the process.

To prevent this from happening with newly uploaded files,

  1. Upload a file to the “Files” area before putting it in a content area
  2. Then add the file to the content area by choosing Build -> File, not Build -> Item
  3. Be sure to select Browse Course, and check the “Also assign Public permission to this file” box when selecting the file.

This is an identified bug that is fixed in the next version of Blackboard. There is no patch available for the current version.