Unable to download submitted assignment files

Problem: When grading an assignment, some assignment files present an error after clicking the download file button.

Solution: We are working to find out the cause of this issue.  In the meantime if you experience this problem, the workaround is to download all assignment files at once.  This can be done by going into the grade center, clicking on the button to the right of the column name, and selecting Assignment file Download.

Resolved: Exit, Save and Exit, Back and Next buttons not working when grading tests

This issue has been resolved. Please contact blackboard@uvm.edu if you experience further trouble.

Problem:  When entering an assessment attempt, only the “Save and Next” button is working. All other buttons, including Exit, Save & Exit, previous student and Next student are not functional. This is happening in all browsers, and in multiple courses.

Solution:  A fix has been identified, and we are working to test, evaluate, and deploy it.  In the meantime, there are some workarounds available, such as using the browser’s back/forward buttons, and clicking on the course navigation links to get back to the grade center.

Assignments not submitted via the Assignment tool cannot be graded by rubric

Problem:  When an instructor is using the assignment tool and associated grade center column, but students submit an assignment outside of the assignment tool, the instructor cannot use the Rubric Tool to create a grade. For example, if students send their assignments via email or provide a paper version instead of using the online dropbox, there is no submission recorded in the grade center column for that assignment.  This means that the instructor cannot use the Rubric Tool to calculate and provide feedback on the grade.

Solution:  This is a known issue, however Blackboard has not indicated a fix as being planned in a future release.  Workarounds aren’t ideal, and include asking students to submit an empty document digitally in addition to the alternative (paper, email, etc) submission.

Cannot upload assignment feedback via Grade Center’s “Work Offline” mode

Problem: Downloading an assignment in the grade center, then entering feedback into the feedback column in Excel, then uploading the file to the Grade Center, does not result in the feedback being saved.

Solution: This is a known bug, and a fix is expected (though not garaunteed) sometime in mid-December. In the meantime, feedback can be entered via the web interface on a supported browser.

Resolved: Bb Grader mobile app won’t connect

Problem: Blackboard has released a new mobile application that allows instructors to enter grades via an iPad or tablet. However, connecting to UVM via this application does not currently work.

Solution: UVM does not yet support mobile grading using this application. This is expected to change sometime in mid-December, however there is no guarantee that this timeline is accurate. In the meantime, instructors can grade assignments and other student work via the standard web interface in a supported browser. Please note that Blackboard is not the official place for final grade submission – final grades must be entered into the Registrar’s system.