We’ve hardly had any snowstorms this winter in Vermont, and I’d almost started believing we’d have springlike weather right through to, well, spring.

So somehow it’s comforting to sit at an airport waiting for a delayed flight in the midst of a New England snowstorm. A two-hour drive across Vermont today took me through rain, snow, sleet, slush, and an infinity of variations in between.

I’m off to NYC for the AAG (do-re-mi, ABC, 1-2-3 baby you & me, to quote the Jackson Five). I’ll be giving a version of my work on green/eco pilgrimage (through the lens of affect theory, or something like it), and hanging out. If I ever get there.

I always enjoy the AAG… Even though it has far too many concurrent sessions, it’s pretty easy to find the handful of topics/groups/series one wants to follow — which makes the choices more painful sometimes, but usually rewarding. And it’s relatively easy to hear the big names in the field. (Unlike, say, the Anthropology Association meetings, where the best get crunched into egalitarian-tiny, standing-room-only rooms.)

And this year I’ve decided not to overfill my plate with commitments. It’s in NYC, after all.

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