One of my favorite object-oriented bloggers (who we’ll call A) writes that “It’s not surprising that there’s a wave of attacks on scholarly blogging” (emphasis added), pointing to another’s (B’s) post about “blowback from academics regarding blogging.” B’s post cites only two examples, “here on (A’s) blog (circularity #1) and here on (C’s).” The one on A’s blog mentions only C’s, and the one on C’s refers to a certain D’s and… back to A, where the only mention of blogging comes on an mp3 link. D’s, meanwhile, as I explained here, referred to a single “question raised” about blogging — one critical comment amidst dozens — in a discussion on a particular listserv.

So we have one attack that’s really just a curmudgeonly whine (the one from the listserv that, in its context, turned out to be the exception that proved the rule, which is that everyone loves blogging). And we have a second (on A’s mp3, which I haven’t listened to, so I can’t say much more about).

Friends, what say we wave off the attacks, relax, exhale?

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