I’ve added a menu of links to some of the key posts on this blog in process-relational theory: see “P-R Theory 101″ in the right-hand column (scroll down). This is a somewhat random sample, and readers with the patience for it can find much more by following other links and tags on this blog. A more systematic and refined exposition will come in time.

As a final comment on OOO (because I too am tired of that discussion), I’ll just say that readers interested in the objects-processes/relations debate can revisit my review of Harman’s Prince of Networks, which launched (as far as I can tell) a long series of back-and-forth exchanges on that topic more than 16 months ago, to see to what extent the questions posed there have been answered. That review begins here and ends here; my questions/objections come mostly in the latter segment. With that I’m signing off from that particular debate on this blog.

By the way, the title of this post isn’t a misspelling; it’s the name of Robert Wyatt’s first solo album after he left The Soft Machine. It’s a good one (as are the Softs‘ first four, up until Wyatt left).

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