As of yesterday, academic file-sharing library AAAARG appears to be dead. (This time for real.)

Digital death, however, is rarely total or eternal, and arg-ists at the Facebook group (find it yourself) appear to be awaiting instructions about the next incarnation. Red-robed monks are scouring the electronic Himalayas searching for the child manifesting the correct signs. An unusual alignment of stars can be expected to announce the next location.

Here, in the meantime, are a few pages of interest for aaaarg buffs, e-library lovers, and open-sourceniks:

Masters of Media サ Small is Beautiful: a discussion with AAAARG architect Sean Dockray

Scanners, collectors and aggregators: On the ‘underground movement’ of (pirated) theory text sharing

Sub Specie Aeterni on “Help!!! AAAARG.ORG!!!” (scroll down for some recent comments)

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