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Ana Vang, geology, informed me:

We’re created some banners that are traveling to fairs this summer, and in addition we would like to set up some new webpages within the landscape change website to include their content. Is there a time I can meet with you to go over how to set up these pages?

Paul Bierman added:

Ana has been preparing some great public dissemination banners and we want (at the request of advisors) to add QR codes to the banners.  I attach a somewhat dated banner draft for you to see what we are up to.Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.54.18 AM
We’d like to set up a web page (in normal LCP header and footer format) for each banner that includes:
am image of the banner (jpg)
links to each image on the banner (via it’s LS#).
a link to download the banner in high res as a PDF
even cooler would be a  link to the audio file for the interview from which the quotation on the banner was taken
The cool way to do this would be a clickable image map but that might be too much work…
the easy way would be a list of links that tied to the images, perhaps with a thumbnail.
To use the QR codes, we need a hard URL for “each banner”.  We need to set those up soon – but since it’ll take 4 weeks to print the banners, the pages needn’t be built right away.


Read up on using Photoshop Slice tool, made this mock-up, showed Ana how to do same for the other nine. See:

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