Emails for recent event attendees

I was tasked to produce a list of unique email addresses of CTL event attendees for events held Spring 2013.

Short answer:

select distinct first_name,last_name,email  from users left join enrollments on left join events on left join event_types on left join types on`type_id` left join event_sponsors on left join sponsors on`sponsor_id`    where events.start_day>’2012-12-31′ and is_facilitating=0 and (sponsors.sponsor IS NULL or sponsors.sponsor != “Writing in the Disciplines”) order by last_name

Long answer:


  1. No need to tag events: just need to filter start day where events.start_day>’2012-12-31′
  2. Some small effort was made to filter by sponsor (CTL, WID, etc.); however, sponsor was not specified for many events
  3. No effort was made to sponsor by event type (workshop, book group, etc.) as event type was not specified for many events

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