Recording HorizonLive Session as Flash

On Nov 29, 2005, at 10:25 PM, David Paul Vallett wrote:

So I want to run a 2-4 minute Horizon session (i.e. teach a demo class) with a
few ‘fake’ students logged on.

While I’m doing this, I want to run a ‘screen recorder’ that will record all the
actions on my PC screen and all of the audio.

I then want to put that recording into a Flash movie.

I’ve found a number of apps for sale that do just that, but I was wondering if
CTL had something already, or, might suggest an alternative.

CamStudio —

     Read about it, donate

  • FREE. $0.00 . Freeware. No cost.
  • Captures entire screen or just a region
  • Records sound from Microphone or Speakers
  • Saves .AVI (Yuck)
  • Saves SWF (Flash).


The only problem I encountered making this quick example was an error in the watch.swf.html file generated by CamStudio: it produced some wacky height and width values in the tag.

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