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On May 12, 2005, at 11:29 AM, paul bierman wrote:

Anyhow, we are starting in on image uploading and data collection > soon for the summer and there will be three students working. Any  chance that you could help us add a few fields for both the  historic and modern images? It would be great if the students  could upload these data now rather than out having to go back and  do it later

Adding fields to database tables is easy.

Fields and Dublin Core approximates

  •  photographer => contributer.photographer > is already there — just doesn’t appear on all the forms
  •  scan date => date.created
  •  scan equipment => format.creation
  •  archive image quality => format.extent
  •  original title => title.alternative
  • image collector => contributer.collector ?
  • originating archive identifier => identifier.citation
  • image creator or publisher => publisher
  • special collection identifier = identifier.other

Fixing the scripts is the ugly part. The variations on workflow (Public Submission; Management Submission; Single Historic, Single reshoot, or both; Submission approval; Archive edit) and script locations, names, and functions is more than mildly confusing.

from (Landscape Change Program Management Procedures) we can go to

  • "Submit Historic Pair" (which calls LS_PROCESSX5.php to process the submission)
  •  "submit reshoot" (which calls LS_PROCESSX5_Single.php)

from submit_options.htm (Public Submit a photo pages) we can go to both of those, and

  • "submit single historic" LS_Submit_Singl_Hist_photo.php (which calls LS_PROCESSX5.php)

from (Landscape Change Program Management Procedures) we can also go to


which takes us to

  • SUBMISSION REVIEW (Temp files) LS_CheckTransfer.php (which calls LS_PROCESS3.php)

 which takes us to

  • SUBMISSION REVIEW (archive files) LS_ArchiveDisplay.php (which calls LS_PROCESS4.php)

And if you click the "Add Another File" button here

  • SINGLE SUBMIT FORM FOR EXISTING SET: Admin Versions LS_SingleSubmit.php (different from /submitting/LS_SingleSubmit.php ?)

which calls LS_ProcessSingle.php

So, by my count, the following scripts need to be edited to account for additional input information

  • LS_Submit_Singl_Hist_photo.php
  • LS_PROCESSX5_Single.php
  • LS_CheckTransfer.php
  • LS_PROCESS3.php
  • LS_ArchiveDisplay.php
  • LS_PROCESS4.php
  • LS_SingleSubmit.php
  • LS_ProcessSingle.php

It took me better than an hour just to figure this out. It could be another 16-24 man hours to make it all work. So, I could do it — but it will cost you. I just don’t know what.

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