Status Report


  • Crunched numbers, ran reports for client quotes
  • Bb task force General meeting
  • Prepped for MM meeting
  • Cleaned up MFIC zoomify application, began prep for svn import
  • Submitted Survey Committee survey

Oh, and I quoted some Zappa.

Status Report

Motor runnin’

Friday already?
* Wrapped up another interview
* Tweaked MMG application
* Lightweight support for podcasting/garageband workshop
* Dug deeper into Expression Engine (quite a robust CMS application)
* Had a fun stairway conversation with a faculty member on the steps in the Davis Center this morning (btw, Gordon’s coffee has improved by leaps and bounds)
* Found out about a few incoming new online courses
* Eco-Econ planning meeting
* Had a productive (and quick) bi-weekly one-on-one/check-in
* Processed ICCIE
Yes, it is finally Friday. Busy week – see you Monday!

Status Report


Not much real project/dev work done today due to a high meeting load. Wednesdays tend to result in me being AFK more often than not. Never fear, today’s list is here.
* Wrapped up this last book group read, talked about picking the next book.
* Interview prep meeting
* Tested converted XML file import for MMG case – looks good for the most part (thanks Kihwa!).
* Logged a few tickets at (and after) Dr Is In.
* Investigated ICCIE Wimba log in problems (cannot replicate).
Happy halloween!