Status Report

busy bees watch the world go by…

* Place run through with Will.
* Eco-Econ demo.
* Course conversion.
* 2008 IIG application form is now available.
* Drafted proposal for possible non credit registration solution
* Redirected support request to CMD.
* Put soc media onto ctl media.
* Video demo of how to delete a student from a course.

Status Report

… and we’re back

* Old data backups
* (ANTH) course building
* (SOC) bb course conversion prep
* ECHO user editing added to events app
* ICCIE registrations processed.

Status Report


* process iccie
* create Bb user
* copy Bb course
* software updates

Status Report

do the humpty-hump!

(Wednesday is hump day.)
* EE course site tweaks
* Submit letters
* Create course space in bb
* Begin converting content for soc101

Status Report

a little more snow

* finish drafting documents
* begin setting up soc course in bb
* contact instructor for soc course
* Bb implementation committee meeting

Status Report


* Draft documents
* Yay for holiday snacks at staff meetings!
* Bb course conversion team meeting
* Structural changes to eco econ design

Status Report


* Blackboard implementation committee meeting
* Expression engine research into wiki and authorship controls
* MUSE project kickoff meeting. Should be an exciting project – we’ll be looking into using tools such as s5, screen-casting tools, and high definition flash video, among others.

Status Report


  • Crunched numbers, ran reports for client quotes
  • Bb task force General meeting
  • Prepped for MM meeting
  • Cleaned up MFIC zoomify application, began prep for svn import
  • Submitted Survey Committee survey

Oh, and I quoted some Zappa.

Status Report

I was in the wrong place

…but it was the right time. Maybe it’s time to look at calendar syncing tools for my phone.

  • Blackboard implementation charrette meeting
  • Fairly quiet Dr Is In session today. Network was pretty slow.
  • Wrapped up functional prototype of MFIC Zoomify application (got annotations working).
  • Faculty follow up on Bb conversions.
  • Delivered support quote.
  • Faculty followup on content.
  • Rescheduled blog tech group.
  • Project management cleanup and updates.
Status Report

A day without meetings is like …

A chilly november morning, apparently.
* Researched Blackboard Learning System IMS import compatibility (weak).
* Got Zoomify viewer loading in MFIC application.
* Good start on Zoomify annotation integration.
* Logged MT4 Edit interface bug in footprints.
* Set up blog tech committee planning meeting.