Status Report


* Created accounts and dev course spaces in blackboard for ce certificates
* Expression engine research
* Put in MFIC zoom app VM space request

Status Report


  • Crunched numbers, ran reports for client quotes
  • Bb task force General meeting
  • Prepped for MM meeting
  • Cleaned up MFIC zoomify application, began prep for svn import
  • Submitted Survey Committee survey

Oh, and I quoted some Zappa.

Status Report

I was in the wrong place

…but it was the right time. Maybe it’s time to look at calendar syncing tools for my phone.

  • Blackboard implementation charrette meeting
  • Fairly quiet Dr Is In session today. Network was pretty slow.
  • Wrapped up functional prototype of MFIC Zoomify application (got annotations working).
  • Faculty follow up on Bb conversions.
  • Delivered support quote.
  • Faculty followup on content.
  • Rescheduled blog tech group.
  • Project management cleanup and updates.
Status Report

A day without meetings is like …

A chilly november morning, apparently.
* Researched Blackboard Learning System IMS import compatibility (weak).
* Got Zoomify viewer loading in MFIC application.
* Good start on Zoomify annotation integration.
* Logged MT4 Edit interface bug in footprints.
* Set up blog tech committee planning meeting.

Status Report

Who turned out the lights?

The clock change means that it gets dark even earlier. Lucky for me, I have a light at my desk.
* Some good progress on MFIC/Zoomify interface. Almost ready to set up annotation.
* Processed ICCIE/IBM.
* Checked on OASys request – client may have found a solution already.
* MMG support, modified link for 1st case.
First solid development day in what feels like a while (no meetings all day!). Have you set your clocks? A day after the switch and I still haven’t changed all mine.

Status Report

That’s just like, your opinion, man.

Is it a… What day is it?
* Staff meeting (under an hour!)
* Handed off MMG XML conversion
* Cleared out and archived a sizeable stack of old Basecamp projects
* Created a few projects in Basecamp
* Got a solid start on image tools for MFIC (yay for Rails and handy plugins)
* Processed ICCIE registrations
* Fixed ICCIE student acount
(It’s a [weekday](