UVM Extension Agricultural Engineering, Resource Innovation Institute, Efficiency Vermont, and VT Division of Fire Safety recently teamed up to provide a webinar as part of the UVM Extension NW Crops and Soils Team Hemp and UVM Extension New Farmer Project series. This session focused on safely and efficiently drying and curing hemp to support customer quality needs. An introduction to drying herbs and flowers is available in this post.

The slides from the webinar are available for download as a PDF and a video is also available.

Drying neatly in a clean barn. Photo: A. Chamberlin.

The session covered the following topics:

  • Drying Basics – Chris Callahan (UVM Ext Ag Eng) and Gretchen Schimelpfenig (RII)
    Cureco propane fired tobacco driers. Photo: C. Callahan.
  • Energy Efficiency Measures and Incentives¬† – Lauren Morlino (Efficiency Vermont)
  • Safety – Landon Wheeler (VT Division of Fire Safety)
    • Public buildings
    • 20 VSA and Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code
    • Major Hazards Associated with Drying Operations
      • Electrical
      • Use of Materials / Vapor barriers
      • Stored Combustible Materials
      • High Pile Storage
      • Blocked Exits / Lack of Exits
      • Homemade Equipment / Listed (UL) Tested / Designed Equipment
      • Heat / Moisture Removal
Drying in a greenhouse with thermostatically controlled exhaust fans and circulating (HAF) fans. Photo: H. Prussack.

The group encourages hemp growers to contact us for technical assistance regarding their drying and curing processes and facilities.

Contact info:

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