April Events

April 1 or 14: Manure Spreading Ban Reminder. 

The annual manure spreading ban Dec 15-April 1, OR Oct 15 – April 14 on mapped “frequently flooded soils” is lifting; please remember that the RAPs dictate manure should not be spread on frozen, saturated or snow covered ground (without exemption). For questions about spreading contact VAAFM (802) 828-2431.

April 11: No-Till and Cover Crops: A Systems Approach. 

10:30 am-12:30 pm. Monument Farms Hamilton Shop, Hamilton Rd, Weybridge, VT. Hosted by Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition, The Champlain Valley Crop, Soils, and Pasture Team, along with Jeff Sanders of the Northwest Crops and Soils Program. We will lead a hands on discussion of practical tips, advice, and steps farmers can make to be successful when moving to a reduced or no-till system on their farm. We will have a no-till planter on display, and share research and observations of what does and doesn’t work with no-till and cover crop systems in Vermont.  RSVP online, or by contacting Nate – 802-388-4969 ext. 348

April 18: McKenzie Brook Meeting. 

10:00 am-12:00 pm. At Champlain Valley Crop, Soil and Pasture Team office, UVM Extension, Middlebury, VT. This is only for farmers in McKenzie Brook Watershed and for those providing technical assistance. RSVP or for questions, contact us at 802-388-4969 or George Tucker at 802-771-3032.

April 19: Compost Farm and Barn Tour. 

10:30 am-12:00 pm. 1090 South Middlebrook Rd, Vergennes, VT. Join the Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition and UVM Extension as we visit a compost bedded pack barn. We will tour the entire facility to see and discuss how the pack is managed daily and seasonally, and we will discuss the economic and animal health benefits of this new housing system in comparison to a tradition manure management system. Contact Nate Severy for more information 802-388-4969 ext. 348.

April 20: Next VT NRCS EQUIP Funding Pool Deadline. 

VT NRCS Deadline: EQIP Cropland Funding Pool application deadline of 4/20/2018 for fall 2018 cover cropping, erosion control projects, nutrient management practices. This maybe the last opportunity for 2018 funding. For questions call your local USDA-NRCS office. In Middlebury, contact 802-388-6748.

April 27: Cover Crop Demo and Research Field Day. 

10:30 am-12:30 pm. Hemingway Hill Rd, Shoreham, VT.  Come see our demonstration project looking at strips of winter wheat, barley, rye, triticale with and without oats. We will also be discussing the various research and demonstration projects we have going on in the area, including work with NRCS on watershed planning in McKenzie and East Creek. Contact Nate Severy for more information 802-388-4969 ext. 348.

Deadline April 30: Nominate Dairy Farmer of the Year.

This program through UVM Extension awards a farm each year. Great milk quality, innovation on the farm, progressive management practices, community service and ambassadorship for the industry are all characteristics of past recipients. To submit a nomination, go here, and click on the right hand link “nominate a farmer”.

Through April On-Going: Farm Business Clinics.

This is an opportunity for farmers to meet privately, one-on-one, for 90 minutes with a UVM Extension Farm Business staff member. Meetings are conveniently scheduled at various locations across Vermont. Use the time to develop a balance sheet, update financial statements, review a business plan, consider changes to your business, and more. Registration is $25. For more information about this program contact 1-866-860-1382, or register online at go.uvm.edu/businessclinics2018

On-Going Survey: Voluntary, Anonymous, Subsurface Tile Drainage Survey of VT Farms.

By gaining a better understanding of the acreage and cropland impacted, as well as the conservation opportunities made available by installing drainage systems, the NW Crops and Soils team is evaluating how tile drainage has mitigated financial and environmental risk on VT Farms. All VT Farmers are invited to participate in this survey. You are free to not answer any questions and/or withdraw at any time.  If you choose to participate in the survey, it will take about 10 minutes to complete, and all information collected is anonymous. More information can be found here, or to take the survey, click here.