Tips to Ensure Your New Home Has Reliable Internet and Cell Service 

By Elijah Ghia, CAP Service-Learning Intern 

Having a reliable internet and cell connection is essential nowadays, especially if you work from home or regularly video conference. If you’re moving to Vermont or moving within the state, it’s a good idea to check if your new home will have good internet and cell service. Here are some tips that can help you: 

Helpful Hints: Internet Reliability. 1. Research the area, 2. Check the coverage map, 3. Consider internet service type, 4. Talk to neighbors, 5. Test the service
  1. Research the area: Before moving, look up the internet and cell service providers available in the state. Currently, Vermont has 24 internet providers to choose from and is covered by the four largest mobile carriers in the nation. 
  1. Check the coverage map: Coverage across the state can differ depending on location. Visit the websites of each service provider and check their coverage map to see if your new home will be covered. For cell service, the Federal Communications Commission has a Mobile LTE Coverage Map that shows the coverage of the four largest mobile carriers. 
  1. Consider the type of internet service: If you’re moving to a rural area, check if you can get high-speed internet via cable or fiber optic service. The state of Vermont has an Interactive Broadband Map that shows fiber and cable routes and the speeds offered at residences across the state. In some cases, satellite internet or internet through a mobile carrier may be the only option. 
  1. Ask your neighbors: Asking your neighbors is a great way to hear about local experience with internet and cell service providers. They can provide you with valuable information about the quality and reliability of service in the area. 
  1. Test the service: Once you’ve chosen a plan, use your smartphone to test the cell service in and around your new home. This will help you determine if the plan you’ve chosen works as advertised. For internet service, you can use an online speed test to check the speed and reliability of the connection. Ookla is a free online service that can help you determine if the speeds provided are adequate. 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your new home has good internet and cell service, so that you stay connected and productive after moving. 

This piece is one in a series of Helpful Hints brought to you by the Consumer Assistance Program’s (CAP) service-learning interns. UVM undergraduate students make significant contributions to our program and Vermont through their participation in our service-learning lab, where they learn about consumer protection while honing their professional skills.  

Please note, the information herein is provided for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Consumers with general consumer questions should contact CAP for more information, or seek private counsel from an attorney for legal advice.  


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