The Consumer Assistance Program has been connecting with local Vermont communities for 40 years.  Our hope is to make the information and experiences that we gain from Vermonters available to everyone.  When it comes to scams, the best form of prevention is awareness.  When problems arise, it’s helpful for consumers to know they have a place to go for help.  When it’s difficult to locate appropriate resources, we may be of assistance too.  Welcome to the CAP Connection Blog.  Here, we hope to connect Vermonters to resources and information that will be helpful and useful.  Don’t miss a blog.  To sign up or unsubscribe to receiving blogs by email, send a message to ago.cap@vermont.gov with “Newsletter Sign Up” or “Remove” in the subject line.

Please note, this blog and our office does not provide legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice, you may consider contacting a private attorney.