Ukraine Protests

Just as environmental media have a penchant for the spectacle of “disaster porn,” so does political media reveal a strong attraction to what Politico’s Sarah Kendzior, in “The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine,” calls the “apocalypstickle.”

An ugly word for political observers’ weird fascination with apocalyptic imagery. Brueghel, Bosch . . . and heightened internet traffic.

With my interest in revolution and in Ukraine, I have to admit feeling attracted to those images, too, even as their truth-value repulses me. I continue to explore that truth-value at UKR-TAZ.

That’s why I find videos like this both reassuring and extremely poignant:

Those radiant scenes of nonviolent revolution took place just four days before the explosion of machine guns being fired into crowds, dead and bloodied bodies, and horrors like this.



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