Whoops. Introduction to the Class of 2016, Part 2

Hi Class of 2016!

So…you are all receiving emails from us at the UVM Foundation and Alumni Association with links to original, fun and informative blog content every week right?

Dwight Meme

We JUST realized that only half of your class has been receiving emails about our posts each week. Don’t ask why — it’s really dumb, so let’s never speak of it again.

To make up for our mistake, here are some important links to everything you have missed so far.

We know this isn’t the best introduction, but we hope you will find this blog useful and will return when you actually receive our weekly emails.


Sam Jedrey



Get off the pile image

Class of 2016 Check In Survey - this summer

Zach Zimmerman


Join us each week for new and helpful content to guide you through the often confusing first year out of school. As recent alums, we know that the struggle is real!

Hang in there and see you next week!

Ryan & Derrick