For you, Class of 2016

We know it’s only been two weeks since you graduated and you probably aren’t feeling nostalgic for your alma mater yet. Good, that would be kind of weird.  uvmgrad2016_800x400

And you’re probably wondering right now what this blog is all about.

Well, first off – we’re not asking you for anything. This isn’t a secret trick to ask you for money or complete a survey or barrage your inbox with useless information.

This blog is the afterword to your UVM story. We’re here to keep you connected to UVM, Burlington, and to your classmates.

And, we’re here to help you write your next chapter. We’re recent grads like you, we work at the UVM Foundation and Alumni Association and our job is to help you (and occasionally eat ice cream and take silly photos).


Unlike your parents, we don’t expect you to know everything right now. You’re under a lot of pressure to plan the rest of your life (whether you have a job, a place to live, or neither) and we want to give you a place to feel at home.

We’ve been doing this for the past year with the Class of 2015 on this blog, so we are really excited to bring you in, talk to you, and be as helpful as we can.

Here’s how we’re going to help.

Basically, this is all about you. Your afterwards is worthy of making our afterword.

~Ryan & Derrick