Did you know that? (A new series)

Since we’ve graduated from UVM, Ryan and I have discovered tons of things that are happening here on campus and around Vermont that we never knew about as undergrads. So, we wanted to add a new segment to the blog- Did you know that?!

Today, we’re going to do a quick run down of two things that have been a part of UVM for a long time, but a lot of the time aren’t in the headlines.


Did you know that… UVM has a TV show called Across the Fence?

Across the Fence is a daily TV program that has been made every day (you heard me, EVERY DAY) since 1954!

WCAX got it’s start as a radio station being run by students on the UVM campus in the 50’s, and one of their programs was a farm and home show, for 15 minutes each day. This tradition has continued as the station has grown, and UVM Extension still produces an episode of Across The Fence for every weekday. They have an amazing catalog of their episodes available online, and cover everything from slow cooker recipes for busy work days, to grain farming (and the growing interest in hemp farming) in Vermont, to the effect of road salt on fragile ecosystems.

Check out their catalog of episodes for tons of interesting subjects, talked about by professors that you might know! Across the Fence is especially wonderful because it gives all of us an access point to learn more about the University at large.


Did you know that… UVM runs an active sugar bush?

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center is a field research station for the department of Plant Biology in CALS, and was established way back in 1946. The center has a mission that is divided into three categories; Research, Demonstration, and Education.

They put out approximately 1,550 taps to product 750 to 950 gallons of maple syrup each year! If you’ve bought syrup through the UVM bookstore, it was created right there at the Proctor Maple Farm!

When you come back to Vermont to visit, you should definitely schedule an appointment for a visit- they won’t be able to give you a tour or a demonstration right now, as it’s the height of sugaring season between February and April. But, the rest of the year they’re happy to have visitors!

If you can’t come visit, they have several webcams that you can check out to see more of what the research center looks like!

Now, are you sitting there thinking “Hold on, I thought everyone know about Across the Fence?” or “Duh, Proctor Maple Research isn’t news”- don’t worry.  We’re going to keep digging up more fun stuff, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know if there’s a unique corner of UVM that we should be talking about!


Get to Know Vermont Quarterly

Hey gang! With Daylight Savings around the corner, it’s still feeling a bit like winter for us north-easterners. Mother nature has decided to bless us with more snow, and lots of it.

For those of you who like to stay curled up by the fire, this might be your last stretch of cold weather (enjoy), and for others this means some excellent skiing ahead, and to that we say – stay shreddy winter bunnies!

If you are looking for some UVM entertainment in this long lasting winter, Vermont Quarterly (VQ) published a new edition and we wanted to highlight some of the features. Hopefully, it is sitting in your mailbox right now, ready to be read.

Here’s some background on your alumni magazine, a quick interview with the VQ editor, and highlights from the most recent publication.

What is VQ?

Vermont Quarterly has been around since 1905 (known back then as Alumni Notes) featuring various articles and stories focused on the university, alums, student life and much more. VQ’s goal is to keep alums like you engaged with the UVM community after you’ve parted ways.

VQ offers a broader selection of stories than here on Afterword since it covers a little bit of EVERYTHING. We highly suggest giving it a peek even if you aren’t a heavy reader, it will keep you up to date on all things UVM – plus there are a lot of great photos.

Some of you may be saying, “Vermont Quarterly? Why didn’t I get one?”

If you haven’t received the latest edition (or if it went to your parents), that means we don’t have your updated address. You can update that right here and you will be sure to get the next edition.

We had the chance to ask a couple questions to Tom Weaver, the current editor of Vermont Quarterly, for a behind the scenes look at its production.

Tom on the right with his two daughters, Arline’14 and Grace’11, both UVM alums and wife Shelia, a senior lecturer in statistics at UVM.

Why was VQ created?

Well, though I’ve been here a long time, I actually wasn’t here in 1905. I think, generally, Vermont Quarterly, the other publications before, and these sorts of communications throughout higher-education were created as a way to keep alumni connected with one another and with their alma mater. I think one of our primary goals is reminding alumni of the institution they knew and keeping them abreast and proud of the institution we have become. Many good things, we hope, would flow from that — financial support to the institution, sending alumni kids and/or their friends to UVM for school, and pride that builds our reputation by word-of-mouth.

How are the stories curated and picked?

We draw ideas from many sources — news that is generated by writers in our office, stories we see in other publications or social media, stories we’re alerted to by alumni themselves or their family, friends, or public relations folks.

Can anyone submit a story or feature?

It’s rare that someone would send us a completed story for publication. More commonly, people suggest an idea we might want to pursue. Yes, ideas are welcome and best communicated through an email to me.

Here are some story highlights from this edition of VQ. Story summaries are by the article’s author

Last summer’s fire at Torrey Hall threatened natural collections deeply ingrained in UVM history and vitally necessary to contemporary research.

Helping bring the liberal arts to the incarcerated in Vermont is the latest focus for sociologist Kathy Fox in an academic career rooted in creating positive change.

San Francisco and Burlington share a common spirit, part of the draw for the many alumni who have made their lives and careers in the City by the Bay.

Business alumni help the next generation build experience and connections through the rigors of BSAD 228, Wall Street Seminar.

If you’re interested in seeing more of what is inside this edition of VQ head over to their website.

Until next time, stay warm my friends!

Fall 2017: Semester in Review

It’s the last day of finals here on campus (I know, we can’t believe it either) and that means a whole semester has passed since you graduated!

Campus has been busy with all sorts of things this semester, so we thought we’d do a quick recap so you won’t feel like you missed out on any of the good stuff.

Here are some highlights.

Torrey Hall Fire:

The Burlington Free Press captured a live video at the scene as it was handled by the fire department.

If you didn’t know, the third floor of Torrey Hall houses the Pringle Herbarium.This was a scary day for many professors on campus, as they didn’t know if the rare specimens would survive. Thankfully, there was little damage to the herbariarium. Check out the Seven days article for more info.

Student Protests / Student Demands:

During the semester, a group of students brought their concerns regarding diversity at UVM to the administration, and President Sullivan.

Seven days has an article that covers the whole conversation, as well as the list of student demands and the president’s response embedded on the page.

Dairy Bar:


And the best part- They’re using local milk and cream from the UVM C.R.E.A.M. Program! We prefer cookies and cream or their coffee flavors. Yum!

Full Story Here.

Wellness Environment:

This semester was the first with the new and improved Wellness Environment. With a new central location in the new first year dorms, and expanded student participation, the ‘WE’ has made a big impact on campus. (As well as a bit of a splash in the news).

These Students aren’t nodding off, they’re meditating. -Boston Globe

Hudziak talks WE progress, concerns. -VT Cynic

New Buildings on Campus:

Wondering how they fit all those new WE students into central campus? Well, there’s been a bit of construction. We realize a lot of this was going on when you all were on campus, but here’s a quick update.

The Discovery Building (part 1 of the STEM Complex) has been completed, and at the beginning of this semester, Cook Hall was torn down to make room for the Innovation building, which will come next. Oh, and there’s a cool pedestrian bridge that links Votey to Discovery!

Right behind, the Central Campus Residence-Hall (yep, it hasn’t been named yet) opened for the first time, and includes a new dining hall (apparently the lines have been out the door all semester)! Oh, and there’s a cool pedestrian bridge linking it with Bailey-Howe Library. So yeah, bridges are in right now.

Still underway is the construction of Ifshin Hall (an expansion on the Kalkin Building) and they’re beginning renovations to the Taft School building, at the corner of Pearl and South Williams; a new home for Art and Dance on campus.

Faculty Features:

Missing your fave prof? Check out these super cool faculty features! They interviewed people like Yutaka Kono, Rasheda Weaver, Tina Escaja, Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, Major Jackson and more!

They can all be found on the UVM Facebook page.

And just like that, the semester is over!

Derrick and Ryan Do Free Cone Day


Free Cone Day needs no introduction.  It’s #26 on the list of 101 Things To Do list and we took advantage of the Ben & Jerry’s shop on campus.

True to our personalities, Ryan had the non-dairy and non-conformist flavor, Peanut Butter & Cookies, and Derrick had the classic childhood flavor, Cookie Dough.

Oh, and took this picture — just because: DSC_0406

101 Things: 10 things in under a minute

We’re back with another edition of 101 Things. So far we’ve crossed 9 things off the list this year. Instead of crossing off one more to make 10, we decided to speed things up and cross off 10 things in one sitting.
101poster with crossoffs

Check out the video below to see us tackle the following:
6. Tie-dye
28. Drink out of mason jar
38. Try sugar on snow
50. Learn a foreign language
69. Use a spork
73. Have a cider donut
76. Eat real maple syrup
79. Learn the UVM fight song
81. Compost
100. Own at least one piece of UVM apparel

Like any good movie, the behind the scenes are the best part.

Here’s Derrick showing off his extensive collection of UVM paraphernalia:

And here we are learning the fight song:

Now we’re off to take a nap courtesy of the sugar on snow, cider donut and maple syrup combo.

101poster with crossoffs