Welcome to Afterword. This blog is the afterword to your UVM story. It’s here to keep you connected to UVM, Burlington, and to your classmates.

Look, we’ve been in your position before: scraping by on pop-tarts and ramen, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, temporarily living with our parents and watching all nine seasons of the X-Files…

It takes a little while for everything to work out. Just remember, Afterword is here to help.

You can email us anytime at ryan.chartier@uvm.edu, kathryn.meader@uvm.edu, or dana.elleman@uvm.edu.

Ryan Chartier ’10

Ryan is a two time graduate of UVM with a BA and MA in English. He has spent a decade in the Burlington area and remembers what the University was like before the Davis Center. He has been with the UVM Foundation since 2014. Outside of work he hosts a radio show every Thursday evening at WRUV, volunteers for the Vermont International Film Festival, and podcasts with friends from college on topics in television.

Kathryn Meader ’15

Kathryn is a 2015 graduate of UVM with a BA in Religion and History, originally from Marshfield, MA. She has been working for the Foundation since 2015 and joined the Afterword team last spring! For fun, she likes to cook, binge podcasts, and find any excuse possible to be at the beach. She also recently found out that reading is fun again (getting out of college and finally getting glasses really helped) so is always looking for book recommendations! Read anything good recently?

Dana Elleman ’16

Dana is a 2016 UVM graduate with a BA in Studio Art, hailed from the homeland of Syracuse, NY. In February, she became a full-time employee at the UVM Foundation and became immersed in Afterword ever since. When you can’t find her at Alumni House, she is most likely to be found where there is good food, beer, and music, especially if it is free. In her spare time, she likes to be outside exploring Vermont’s vast landscape and in the winter you can definitely find her shredding the slopes on her snowboard. Any other shred bunnies out there!? Meet me at da Bush (Sugarbush) and stay shready my friends!