It’s already December?!

Hi Gang,

It’s been a while since we’ve popped into your life through Afterword! We’ve missed you, but we just wanted to let you know you made it to 6 months post-graduation!

You’ve probably been busy these last 6 months.

So, when we realized that it was December, and the days are feeling pretty dark lately, we decided we should do something to cheer you all up!

While we can’t celebrate with all of you, we can do the next best thing – give you a bottle opener!

It’s an official UVM Alumni magnetic bottle opener to keep on your fridge and crack open your favorite artisan seltzer, local root beer, or Vermont craft beer whenever the mood strikes.

All you have to do is sign up for one, and we’ll pop it in the mail to you.

The Afterword Crew
Kathryn Meader ’15, Dana Elleman ’16, and Ryan Chartier ’10