Ecologies of the Moving Image will be out next month. (Some seven years after I started working on it.) Here is a poster for it.

Many thanks to Steven Shaviro and Sean Cubitt for their generous endorsements, which I reproduce here:

Ecologies of the Moving Image is an ambitious book, and a capacious and satisfying one. In addressing ‘the wild phantasmagoria of images’ among which we live today, Ivakhiv gives us an account that is at once systematic and brimming with rich detail. Moving-image forms both render imaginative worlds to us and help to constitute the world we live in; this book gives us a brilliant process-relational account of both of these dimensions of media experience.”

— Steven Shaviro, DeRoy Professor of English, Wayne State University

“Ivakhiv, a leading light in the emerging eco-critical film studies, wraps two themes around each other, the cinema of and as ecology. His concern is with how cinema produces worlds, lives, and human subjects intricately implicated in the processes of Earth. Marrying Whitehead, Peirce, and Deleuze with eco-philosophy, Ivakhiv gives us a rich, eloquent, wide-ranging, and moving account of movement: as world, as cinema, and as hope.”

— Sean Cubitt, Goldsmiths, University of London

The publisher’s web site is here. The price is steep for a paperback (albeit a 400+ page paperback), but the web site offers a 25% discount. is selling it for 20% off, postage paid.  I’ll get some copies at a 40% author’s discount, so if you’re not able to afford the above prices, contact me and we can make a deal.

And if you really can’t afford it, ask your local public or institutional library to order it. And read the parts of it that have appeared, in earlier versions, elsewhere — some of which can be found through these links on this blog.

I’ll be posting related bits here, including video clips of things discussed in the book.



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