If you haven’t seen the trailer for Terence Malick’s forthcoming film The Tree of Life, you’re just not a real cineaste, are you?

What’s better than burrowing analytically into the Heideggerian ecophilosophical themes of Malick’s films (Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, The New World — before making any of them he was a Heideggerian philosopher)? Analyzing the trailers, of course, which is what Eric Kohn does in a shot-by-shot breakdown of its full 96-cuts-in-two-minutes length. Water, fire, nature, innocence, grace (sounds like a Tarkovsky film so far, or something Lars von Trier is about to twist inside out), baseball, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn (so much for Tarkovsky)…

H/t to Drifting’s David Lowery.

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