With its migration and re-emergence on a new (and improved) server, it’s a good time for this blog to diversify and transubstantiate, like water into a good Mediterranean wine.

To that end, Immanence seeks a poetry editor, someone to collect and/or produce textual and visual poetry as an accompaniment and countercurrent to what appears on the blog already. Contributors in general are also welcome: writers, textual poachers, and creative artists interested in the interfaces between ecology, culture, philosophy, and media. (See the Categories up above for a more complete list of the content areas. “Poetry” can and should be added to it. The blog’s mission statement is here, but it can evolve, as all good things do.)

I’ll be taking some release time from the blog in the near future, and I’d be thrilled to have guest contributors and/or co-editors. If you’ve liked what you’ve read here and would like to join the conversation, as a contributor and not just a commenter, please write me to let me know.

As for what’s in it for you… A new audience? Joy? The irrepressible lightness of being immanent?

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