This may be one of the final posts on the Movable Type version of this blog. Immanence will be migrating soon to WordPress. A new blog design is currently being finalized. The new address (a trial attempt, already noticed by a few followers of this blog, was put up here this past summer). That will be the new address, so if you’d like to make sure you don’t miss any posts, you can go subscribe to it now.

That means that this design, with its “foggy forest” theme, will be “put down,” as they say about four-legged loved ones. This one has served me well, and I appreciate those of you who’ve commented kindly on the appearance of this site. I know it looks very different on different browsers, and some have found it too dark and difficult to read. In testing the new one so far, I’ve found it to be best with Safari, but my hope is that it will work fine on all browsers. (And I expect you to let me know if it doesn’t.)

I’m off to the IAEP (Environmental Philosophy) and SPEP meetings in Montreal soon. But before I go, I will upload one last post of substance, a primer in process-relational theory. Momentarily.

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